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Based in Manhattan, I have over 20 years experience in architectural interiors and exteriors, corporate, editorial, event and private clients. Collaboration, storytelling, and problem solving are core features in my workflow. I give a 110% as a photographer, looking to accomplish the project and offer fresh options. I am a on the board of ASMP NY Chapter ( http://www.asmp.org ) working with leading industry players in the photographic world. As the Director of Sponsorship, I not only raise funds for ASMPNY but bring in various vendors to produce joint ventures with ASMP NY.  I had attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Art, Art Institute of Chicago, Sante Fe Workshop and Maine Photographic Workshop. My teachers include Bob Sacha and Dan Winters. Corporation“Continuing Interest”, “Visiting Mom” and most currently “Art Is Helping” are all promotional books Xerox have published to promote their line of iGen digital presses. Often I donate my time and skills to causes I believe in.  I created and photographed the “I Did It” campaign for Rational Animal who were commissioned by the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals.  It is a series of photographs used  to promote Spaying and Neutering services offered in the 5 boroughs of NY.  The campaign was posted around the boroughs of NY on telephone kiosks and bus shelters.

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