Susan Stair artist NY
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THANK YOU - Capucine Bourcart - Salem Krieger
Arianna Huffington portrait by Salem Krieger for The Financial Times of London
New York City Morning Timelapse Architectural Video
Grand Central Terminal NY Facade Cleaning by PROSOCO
KriegerNewton_ART FORMS US
"CommoN" - everyday language as art
Historic Mount Neboh Baptist Church / Synagogue Timelapse on 116th St. Harlem NYC
IMAGES_Festival_Vevey_Switzerland - SalemKrieger
The Demolition Depot / Irreplaceable Artifacts Historic Reclamation Companies NY
1905 Hotel Lafayette in Buffalo NY with Evan Blum from Demolition Depot NY
NYC Skyline Photograph for Cast Iron Lofts Lobby Mural printed by Duggal Photo Lab
Subway Inn Bar NYC by Salem Krieger
Painting Central - artist Annamarie Trombetta
Bissel Gardens - Organic Community Garden - Bronx, NY
Black Fridays by author Michael Sears
Francis Zane portrait for Forbes by Salem Krieger